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Resolutions ’10

January 3, 2010

Here are my Resolutions for 2010 … but first a look back at the resolutions I had for 2009.

2009 Resolutions:

1. Buy a home. – Tudor and I managed to do this in October.  It took a long time to educate ourselves on the market and how money works but it was all worthwhile.

2. Use everything I have ever bought – Didn’t quite manage to do this.  I still have a queue of books that I should be reading and I continue to buy new books that I shouldn’t.  My Italian cds are still covered in dust.

3. Finish the OAAG Tour   – I actually went to five more galleries before house shopping took up all my time.  This is my primary goal of 2010

4. Learn to Negotiate – Read 2 books about this and somewhat used the skills for daeling with wedding vendors (yes, I got engaged to Tudor).  Haven’t had to use this at work.

Resolutaions for 2010.

I’m going to set only one resolution for this year:  Finish my OAAG tour.

What are your resolutions?

Your day is my day, My week was your week

September 25, 2009

This was my first truely-free weekend since getting my new role at work where I wasn’t traveling, powerpointing, or desperately trying to steam the airport out of my Palin-lite work wardrobe.

It was nice to get have week without stepping into airports.

On Friday I went to the Powerplant fall season opener with Siya

One of the things I love about visiting the Powerplant is that I get to aggravate Tudor with my love of Micah Lexier, which is always a plus.  Tudor thinks he is a lazy talentless hack; I wrote a lovesick essay about him/his work during high school.  Since we have starting dating, we have been to two Micah shows and one auction where I nearly bought a $700 8X10 pencil drawing.

The PowerPlant is currently selling a $103 shirt with his writing on it.  I want to buy it for him just to witness his internal struggle of needing t-shirts while hating Micah. :D

I re-met Joyce Wong, a film maker I met during my Asian lit class back in school, who is now my new bang-twin.  We are mos def going to be BFFs.
On Saturday, Siya, Tudor and I continued to run away from responsibilities and headed off to Cafta at Kitchener-Waterloo area.

I walked on water…


wheelied with a prosthetic … vid

(and FYI Luke Hart, the artist, was seriously hot.  And a quick google search reveals he’s in a band

…. just how did my panties stay on?)


walked/face-planted into confidence … vid


spied on spies …  vid (we were running away after this shot)

and tried to Band Apart in the Kitchener City Hall (unsuccessful and wildly pathetic)

More pics? Yes, at Siya’s flickr

Later that day I met up with Coko for poutine at Poutini’s (not recommended) and  Queen art walking.  I bought a piece at the Lens Factory that I love but Coko and Tudor hate.  We talked about that idea that I keep mentioning but not actuating and blog etiquette.

Coko’s got an awesome song out which I can’t stop listening to.  Check it out.  It’s full of Coko.

Adult Life

September 17, 2009

I know I have been neglecting this blog.

I started this blog as a way to record the discomfort I felt being fresh out of school and venturing precariously into the real-ish world. I loved and was quite proud of this blog and it got to a point where I was updating and reviewing stats obsessively.

Then my computer broke down in March (actually during Fashion Week – an art of God?) and I decided it was time to take a break.

I hunkered down and decided to actively participate in my life and the results were unbelievable.

In the last four months, I:
-Got a promotion
-Traveled to Detroit, Seattle and Atlanta
-Joined the Women in Engineering Advisory Council
-Removed my head from my ass (perhaps)

I’m not sure if I will have enough time to update this blog. I originally had a lot of plans for features that are now sitting in various notebooks. Ultimately, I would like to continue my Ontario Association of Art Galleries Tour.

Please be patient and stay tuned.

Ontario Association of Art Galleries Tour: Textile Museum of Canada

April 20, 2009



As I make my way through the OAAG Tour list, I am always surprised when I find a beautiful, vibrant gallery not-quite-hidden away within close proximity of an area  I frequent daily.

The Textile Museum of Canada is about one kilometer away from my university and never once, in my entire academic career did I know if its existence or visited it.  I am now quite sorry that I didn’t. 

Although I blog frequently about fashion, I find that I am not very comfortable with the subject matter as I lack basic understanding on the mechanics of textiles and the history and industry that surrounds it. The only fashion posts I feel confident about are about my consumer experiences. While searching through my archives for my blog’s birthday post, I was embarrassed to find that most of my fashion-related posts were junk thoughts which I wrote only because the pop culture surrounding fashion allows for precarious opinions. I can’t say that I am proud of many of them and I am looking for ways to improve.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the museum and was really afraid that all the exhibitions would be too advanced for me to enjoy.

The Textile Museum is house in one of those non-descript brown brick high rises that litter the downtown core.  The entrance was hard to locate and I had to walk around the building once to find it.



The Textile Museum seemed to have been dealt a bad hand in terms of real estate.  It seems to be laid out in a typical office-type building -low ceilings, modular spaces, barely any natural light – and it seems to sap the life out of the items being displayed.   I don’t have enough understanding of curation to articulate the problem but the rooms were lacking something that makes you realize that you are looking at something special. 




The permanent collection consists of an around-the-world display of traditional costumes.  What I really enjoyed was that each of the information plaques had a diagram of the patterns used to create the garment. 


Romanian and Chinese traditional costumes:

The collection also included pieces from contemporary designers:



This was a fun interactive display that allows you to drape a male and a female mannequin.  Evidently, I don’t have what it takes to be Canada’s. Next. Top. Designer.

There was also an awesome exhibition of Judy Chicago’s work which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the documentary about the very conservative-looking middle aged women who participated in the genitalia-themed needlework.



I loved the gallery shop. The clerk was just so genuinely helpful. I was looking for a book about clothing maintenance as I have somehow managed to wear out all of my suits and work blouses and dresses in one year. I wanted to learn how to identify durable fabrics and then subsequently maintain their structural integrity. The clerk helped me locate a book called “Laundry: The Whys and Hows of Cleaning Clothes” by Robert Doyle. While I know why I should be cleaning my clothes, I am unable to accomplish the hows and often just shove a mass of clothing at the dry cleaner and hope for the best. Doyle did a great job explaining the material and manufacturing of the most frequently used fabrics along with detailed instructions on how to clean them. I have read this book cover to cover and am looking forward to a reduction in my dry cleaning bill.

I would like to further my understanding of textiles and fashion.

Do you have any book recommendations?


(1) Environment:

Attractiveness of space: 5/10
Use of space: 7/10
Maintenance of space: 10/10
Element of Surprise: 0/10

(2) Curating

Effectiveness of Display: 8/10
Consistency of Display: 10/10
Attractiveness of Display: 5/10

(3) Exhibition

Effectiveness of Exhibition : 10/10

Average: 7.1/10 – worth a visit

Happy birthday, Blog

April 14, 2009

Happy first birthday to my blog!

To my astonishing (and very very not-imaginary) readers, thank you for a wonderful year of laughs, insights, mini-tutorials and mentorship. I had not imagined getting such an overwhelmly positive response.


To celebrate, a list of my favourite posts so far. Happy reading.

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Ontario Association of Art Galleries Tour: Power Plant Gallery

April 12, 2009



Read more…

One Image

April 8, 2009

I have confessed many times on this blog (and to some of you personally) that I am:
a) a sucker for auctions,
b) a highly competitive collector and
c) addicted to donating to charities.

So the One Image Charity photography auction is my kryptonite.

Will I have adequate impulse control? Stay tuned.


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