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Girl Power

April 15, 2008

I wrote the first of the last exams I’ll ever write… well, expect for the bar but that’s in a couple of years.

For some reason, I had “Like a Virgin” stuck in my head the entire time while writing the very non-virgin-related exam.

My best buddy (male), also my thesis partner, had the theme “Let’s do it” from the Tankgirl movie stuck in his head while writing. When we were writing our super amazing thesis, my thesis partner and I took “Spice Breaks” and sang along to Spice World album.

When I got home, a Muslim friend sent me this:

with the message

“little bit of western civilization.
makes me think. I am sure you will ponder too.

…Girl Power.


Just because my day is never complete without blogging about China, later in the day he wrote to me again:

Read this brief article very quickly just to see another image of “civilized” west. Maybe then you will ask yourself “hmm. how are we different compared to muslims, whom by default we claim to be barbaric, oppressive, tyrrant, immoral and so on and so forth” .

Now if China gives a strong reply to this humiliation they will also be labelled in the media. Discuss it with […] as well. Like to see his opinion on that

as u can see in […] and […] you know I like sylvester stallone. I actually don’t hate American people. I just hate their Govt. I am sure there are lot of good American who maintain high morality.

Good luck on exams. next articlewill arrive sometime after final exam

peace and luv

I feel that it is necessary to mention that he is Muslim to put context to what he is saying regarding the perceptions of civilization, tyranny, etc. This is a reoccuring discussion in school and as our closest friend is a Jew (my thesis partner), we have very lively conversations. (It’s pretty awesome because we are the beginning of a “bar” joke, only one of them won’t step into a bar.) As of late, he has been feeling that the Olympics affair have shifted what he considers unfair American media scrutiny from Muslims to the Chinese (unclear in the article whether there is differentiation between the people and the government).

The interesting thing is that I do believe that the Chinese government is tyranic and oppressive, particularly in terms of freedom of press and in terms of human rights.

On the other hand, I don’t believe that North America is less privy to the mistakes that China makes in terms of the ones mentioned in the article he sent me. Cafferty mentioned “lead paint in junk”, “poisoned pet food”, and loss of American manufacturing competitiveness due to relatively lower wages. Well, the US recently had an arsenic scare in children’s juices; this article was stuffed in the fourth page of the business section in the Star as my memory recalls. Americans also have a high risk of getting lead poisoned from their homes and work. There are also signs that the raising RMB, cost of materials, wage increases, improving labour laws, and decreasing population will give the Chinese factory managers the ability to increase the cost of products.

I’m not saying that the Chinese people and government are always right. Stallone aside, I think it is dangerous to idolize or demonize any particular person or group blindly, whether is it the Chinese or the Americans. Balanced, accurate reporting and opinion forming is imperative for a true dialog.

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